just hang on, man


lay it down when i’m walking on the wall and i might fall that’s when you call yeah you call and you want me to go to the thing when the phone the telephone rings i can’t scan with the herdus operandi but i don’t like sleeping all alone the son of a guilty love i vote to stay inside and count all of your lovely scars and stars and stuff y’all had better heed the party i am here to rock knock you out of socks now baby unlock all your locks the sun is shining on you lay it down gonna light the saturn night don’t even try to fight it feel the power in the fire from the full moonlight these are just the start of i love you days i’m never gonna stop loving you baby first we do the show dance into the light living our lives in motion like a molecular chain in a binding reaction making a love out of summer and passion lay it down later on the lights are cool and fade for circle and dream all the boys that ride for the violet sunshine can fall know what i mean man i had to take the titan quite a little too far and man this balcony’s high for your beautiful face i’m going to fly bang go make your way across the floor take a line on the beautiful door trip the crackosaur blocking in the bar dance around ‘em in the beautiful dark me and you cross to beautiful day sky the color of love magnet pulling my way is it true that we never will die just float around in the beautiful sky is it true then i want to be with you i have never lived before now i am here to shine free you and unblind you baby come and give your mind open up your soul and lay it down gonna lay down on the floor star-hot and icy to the core all day down and still want more i’m never gonna stop loving you baby can’t get enough of your beautiful crazy not even the end of the earth can amaze me bring it down and i’ll heal all the world with a daisy the room ripping turning that orange and hazy and i am free at last thirty-five minutes when we were young and fell in love every night i'd have a dream about you you sparked through the madness of my life ultra-sweet gleaming bright light baby baby baby what a beautiful sight moon on fire the scent of love pack me away in a modern box i'm going outside watch me walking on time starts tripping me down to my dark conclusion and i never will amount to much never gonna be more than human these thirty-five minutes with you satisfy all of my natural need to be a starman i could fly into the sun tonight when we were young and fell in love we would dance so wild and free only you would do for me i was overcome with love and future a final sign my dream defined if you are mine then life is kind write this down write this down everything is allowed nobody has the know how it goes with the future out and the volume down you feel mighty mighty strange in the moonshine running down that dark lane well they say that you don't feel the pain hear the sound see the flash but you tumble out forward to the great abyss i have fought and lost for the love of you a lifetime of regret fated to be my solitary end i've walked for miles and dropped down on the floor to win just one day more in this lovely jail ten to the twentieth souls march by faces made of ash senator counts his bloody cash and matters are as in the past intractable at best the primate fate a haze way too fast common sense come knocking at the door but the money buys the block and it knocks no more and i'm holding up the writing on the corner by the record store and everyone smiles or honks as they go by i'm alive to share this time with you oh baby i'm amazed thrilling heart the orbit starts tap the clock the door will lock on the next page write do secret good deter the murder machine from wrath advance the path enhance the math and make the suicidal laugh shine out everything inside the poets lied when they wrote there's truth in mystery history just epiphany-laced misery there's no time to hide all our years alone silence in the hall shine the love you shone in halls of years ago if all of this is gone and no one ever lived all of us erased still i love your face red dynamite days in my disreputable and misremembered youth living secret lives with many loves many lies strangers when the liquid games vanished in the light only scents remained the sweet perfume of life itself and danger all of the faces running through my life i swear it's half the human race in my heart dead or alive i'm only taken by strangers the despair of a love as a drug you can't leave behind their faces all of them shine but none could i say that i loved but one the creamy dream scream red dynamite queen i love her still and i'd stare in the sun to see that light again now you know i will (shocking turn soully burn never learn) my dangerous phase red dynamite days we can roll with the eyes of light far farther farther stoned stormy hearts and happy minds look upon me with your beautiful wide alien eyes like something out of a stolen life the shining shimmer summer day the wild and wilder deep dark night reflecting all of our magnificent lives sweet sentient violent fun my generational hum therefore we shine in the dark all night oooooo baby wildy is as wildy does (when you got it) oh yeah sweetheart got it flaunt it roll it smoke it tap reload it light retoke it darling i got something for you something sweet and true so teleport hotstream into clear pools a center and over the edge to spill among the flowers someday it will all come out the monks will knock me round and down no moderation no median no steady head just town to town jump tomorrow skip today top of the earth in the wildy way none confound me make me stay i like the driver never to vain sentimental love cold hardheart collector soul stabby bad man sterile eyes one wonders where the birds have gone that serve she the red dynamite queen finest H.E. i ever seen lightly lit by laser beam the sweetness stays red dynamite days we so gravitate to triple tone light told you baby baby got my toe on the tippy line nonviolo bene outtro says i love love love you baby i'm a secret verse and you're mine the starry saturn summer night the wild and wilder hot cold day connecting all of our interfered lines delish gravi give us a tug sweet hot molecular hug therefore we stick to the ball and shine oooo stars now they give them to you baby californified i wish they all could be yeah yeah tune the planets to the moon sweetheart everything sings for us how could this all be just for us i've doubt in my mind on that though i haven't seen the saucers but it seems it must be true that which survives moves out forever into wildy ways the forbin front of he who stays bound treehop come down to my house kommen sie hieraus down deep down make that sound shake this town look down green and brown can't see the ground sky the sky we're gonna take to flying little bit little to the left (too far) on sunny days we take our wings and fly above the clouds rolling highly in the metaphoric blue explore the limits of the atmosphere the way i feel when i'm with you sing out twist and shout let there be no doubt shout it loud and the tree will catch you holy cow be here now beautiful dao grace of day and tree to tree like the first of me shake off your earthbound way shocked to fly the grace of day i love green the sun ray rain don't run stay earthkid we live on the edge of the darkness walking to the park dancing in the rain sing downtown on a saturday night our lives go on around us never looking up to see what’s up can’t know until we go there and caught in the pull of the moon tonight some dreamy earth kid lying on a hill freaking out on the beautiful sky life goes around and around always looking up dreaming out there far beyond the beautiful sky fire up the rocket roar into the sky taking my baby on a midnight ride out past mars out into the stars never gonna stop until we get there find a little planet blue and green puffy white clouds clear running streams build a big house high up in the trees sing downtown on a saturday night and our kids will go out and smile on other suns and love their lives and shine their light into the darkness some earth kid just some earth kid some only lonely early earth kid fire up the rocket roar into the sky taking my baby on a midnight ride find our planet blue and green puffy white clouds clear running streams some earth kid just some earth kid some earth kid across that coal black ocean we will fly upon the smiles of others and some of them are really out there some earth kid some earth kid